The Five Top Benefits of Pruning Your Trees

Wondering about the benefits of pruning? In this article, Beyond the Leaf Tree & Shrub Experts, your reliable tree pruning company in Perkiomenville, PA, explains more about this topic and additional pruning facts

While it seems counterintuitive, trimming removes unwanted growth and allows the tree to focus on strengthening itself. Here are the other advantages. 

benefits of pruning

1. Promotes New Growth 

Removing dead or damaged wood stimulates growth because the tree can focus on growth rather than supporting dead weight. Also, the tree responds to cutting with sprouts in an effort to replenish the canopy. This results in lush new growth and a very healthy tree. 

2. Encourages Fruit Production

One of the primary benefits of pruning is that it increases fruit production.

Trees don’t always act in their own best interest. If they put out too many blossoms, they won’t have the resources to support all the fruit. The result is that any fruit that grows will be smaller than it should be. 

By strategically removing some of the buds, you allow the tree to create a sustainable harvest. So, while it seems contrary to common sense, removing some of the branches allows for a greater crop. 

3. Disease Treatment

Several tree diseases can spread very quickly. Many are fungal in nature, which makes pruning the best cure. In this case, strategic removal of diseased branches is the best way to heal the tree. 

Some fungi grow from the inside out, so if you see mushrooms or other growth, the inside already has an infection. Treating a disease in the heartwood of a branch is difficult, so removal is a far better idea. It’s also a good idea to burn or dispose of the trimmed wood carefully to prevent reinfection. 

4. Prevents Safety Hazards

When a tree has storm damage or is sick, there’s a good chance of branches crashing down. The tree may even topple over.

When that happens, the weight will crush anything underneath it. Pruning removes the safety hazard safely and effectively. 

However, it’s best to have a professional arborist perform this task, as damaged trees can act in ways you don’t expect. You may accidentally remove a supporting branch and damage the tree’s infrastructure. It could topple as a result. 

5. Shapes the Tree

Trimming is also a great way to train a tree to grow in a pleasing shape. You can see this in effect with things like topiaries and other ornamental techniques. By carefully trimming off extraneous branches, you can create artful shapes or simply get the tree to grow more neatly. 

You may opt for these techniques to take full advantage of a smaller garden space. For example, you may train a fruit tree to grow along a back wall or to keep it to a reasonable size. 

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