25 Mar. 2019

The Danger of Poorly or Unmaintained Perkiomenville Tree

Reasons to Regularly Maintain Your Trees at Home | Practical Solutions


Having beautiful mature trees in the front or back yard of your home can have a huge impact on your property’s value and aesthetics. However, not many homeowners think of the responsibility that comes along with the presence of tree on the yard. Regular maintenance and inspection is critical when you decide to have a tree planted or even installed on your property. And here some of the reasons why property owners like you should maintain your trees regularly.


tree is being maintained

Damage on Your Drainage

Yes, it is not just the upper portion of the tree that may cause damage to property. It is always necessary to have your trees inspected, including the growth of its roots to determine whether or not it has been damaging the drainage of your property, especially those with French drains that is purposely installed to prevent the penetration of damaging water to your property’s foundation.

Mature Trees Can Fall

During bad weather condition, unmaintained trees, especially the older ones can fall. With the freezing, raining, extreme heat, and strong winds, branches of the tree or even the trunk itself may deteriorate. If such deterioration will not be spotted ahead, it may cause some damages to your property or even to your neighbors’ property. Roofs, cars parked nearby, even electric wires may be affected if trees will fall.

Avoid Contamination

Not known to most property owners, trees also get sick with diseases. Some of these diseases manifest themselves gradually, and may not even be identifiable by an untrained person. For that matter, it is essential that regular tree maintenance should be observed. Expert arborist here in Perkiomenville can easily spot issues on your tree by simply looking at the leaves and branches. With their help, the disease may be remedied, and the spreading of it towards your other trees and plants will be avoided.


Preventing Risks Related to Trees

Trim Down Trees

One of the solutions being suggested by expert arborist when it comes to tree maintenance in PA is to trim it down. Tree trimming in Perkiomenville is one of the services usually being offered by tree service companies in the area. You should take advantage of it in order not just to keep your home aesthetically pleasing, but also to preserve the integrity of your trees.

Tree Cabling & Bracing

When a portion of your tree is to be rehabilitated, it would likely require some support. Tree bracing and cabling might be the solution while your tree heals and also to add support to especially when there is an expected storm bring fierce winds. Know When Tree Is Right For Removal!


Hire A Professional Tree Care Company

The best and easiest way to avoid the aforementioned incidents from happening is to hire a professional arborist to help you. Here in Perkiomenville PA, homeowners trust the likes of Beyond The Leaf Tree and Shrub Experts LLC to handle any tree-related issues, including removal, trimming, maintenance, and so much more. To get in touch with our company, you may contact us at (610) 652-2522 or visit us at 333 Layfield Rd, Perkiomenville, PA 18074 for a personal consultation. Contact us today!


25 Mar. 2019

Knowing When Tree Removal In Perkiomenville Property A Necessity

How To Check When Tree Removal Is Needed | Safe & Efficient Way


The trees on your property can be the source of fresh air and comfort for your home, which is why property owners take an effort to maintain and care for it. Apart from the shade and comfort it brings, trees, especially on residential properties, also provide value increase when properly trimmed and maintained.

On the other hand, removing trees may also benefit your property, especially when it becomes hazardous or risky for you and your family. To help you recognize whether your tree is ripe for removal, here are some of the things to consider.


tree removal in progressCheck Location

Before you start calling a tree removal expert in your area, especially here in Perkiomenville, you should first assess the location of your tree. Try to check whether the tree is near your home or whether the branches are touching the sidings. If the answer is yes, then you might want to consider having it removed, if tree trimming is not an option anymore. Similarly, if the branches are growing into power cable, it can also be a headache to you and your neighbors. And removing such tree would definitely be worth it.

Branch Examination

Apart from checking the location of the tree, you should also check the branches of the tree for some severe damages or deterioration. Examining tree branches for potential deterioration may save you money from possible costly roof repair or replacement. When a dead tree branch is left hanging over your property, it would simply take a strong wind to take it down, eventually leading to your roof or any person who happened to pass by the tree.  If you wish to avoid such injury or costly repair, having your tree examined by a professional arborist is a must.

Observe The Leaves & Barks For Diseases

Trees like humans are also susceptible to disease, which is why they should be examined regularly. To avoid the spreading of diseases, it would sometimes be necessary that a tree will be cut down and removed, especially when the integrity of the tree has been fully affected by the diseases. If such a tree will be left until it naturally dies, it may cause some accidents and would likewise affect the beauty of your property with its discolored leaves and the appearance of odd nodules.


The ones mentioned above are some of the signs and factors that may lead to the removal of the tree. However, such action should still be consulted with a reliable Perkiomenville tree services company such as the Beyond The Leaf Tree and Shrub Experts LLC. With the expert opinion, you will learn other alternatives apart from removal, and if removal is the ultimate solution, they would be able to perform it safely and accurately.

If you wish to get in touch with an expert arborist in Perkiomenville PA, you may contact Beyond The Leaf Tree and Shrub Experts LLC at (610) 652-2522 or visit us at 333 Layfield Rd, Perkiomenville, PA 18074 for a personal consultation. Contact us today!