I couldn't recommend Beyond The Leaf enough. Steve and his crew did an excellent removing several very tall, dead, and dangerous trees from our property. We look forward to having them back to continue work on an ongoing project.
Brian Frick Avatar
Brian Frick
We just had 6 trees removed from our property as well as all tree stubs ground down and sod and seed placed where the trees had been. Beyond The Leaf Tree And Shrub Experts LLC did a remarkable job; exactly as they had told us they would. They also did it with a Great Price. This Company went above and beyond all expectations. The entire personnel of this Company is exceptional. From office personnel to workers and Owners. There is no Company out that can hold a candle to this one; for Quality of work; Service and Price; Period!!!! Do not waste your time trying to find a comparable Company that does what they do. There are none! This is a Family owned and operated business and it shows in all respects. Thank You; Thank You; Thank You for the job you did for us and the Service you extended to us. You have no competition at all in what you do. You are truly the Best of the Best. Finally I just want to say that they only have as best a 5 Star selection for rating this Company; which I selected. The truth is this is a 10 Star or better Company and that is no exaggeration!!
Kenneth Longo Avatar
Kenneth Longo
Had maintenance pruning in 6 trees, fair price, quick service, impeccable cleanliness
Michelle Adler Avatar
Michelle Adler
We had 2 trees removed from our property. 1 large tree very close to the house. The crew took the utmost care with everything they did and they were incredibly fast. Took out both trees, the stumps and all of the cleanup is just a few hours. I couldn't be more thrilled about everything. From the initial visit to the cost to the execution these guys are the best.
John Ciaccio Avatar
John Ciaccio
Incredible work, a very efficient team, and a fair price.
Jordan Sarris Avatar
Jordan Sarris
This crew did a great job, were efficient, cleaned everything up, were professional. Would use the again if the need arises.
Barbara Naglak Avatar
Barbara Naglak
We were very pleased with the work that John's crew from Beyond the Leaf performed. The project seemed almost impossible, but everything went perfectly. Every aspect of the project was well-managed, including the initial estimate, the scheduling, the actual work, and the follow-up. We had a humongous 85ft tall dead ash tree not far from power lines, a garage and a springhouse. The tree died suddenly, as have many ash trees done in our area. Climbing and cutting branches was out of the question, since the tree was dead and dropping branches. BTL brought a very large crane and sections of the tree were lifted out of the critical zone onto land where they could be cut up and chipped. The crew was very efficient, and during and after the main tree was extracted, everyone contributed to cleanup. The initial estimate was for 5 hours of work, and as it turned out, that's exactly how long it took to complete, with the exception of removal of the major logs, which was done the next day. Unfortunately, during the tree removal, a branch came down and damaged the springhouse. Beyond the Leaf acknowledged this with no hesitation. We had the roof repaired and they covered it immediately.
Richard Booth Avatar
Richard Booth
Highly recommend this team for tree removal.
Carol P Avatar
Carol P
My wife and I were looking to make a big change in our back yard and these folks came through for us. The pricing was better than other quotes we received and the work went off without a hitch. The owner, Mark, and foreman, Steve, were nothing but absolute pros. I couldn’t recommend this team enough. Thanks again for your excellent work!
Jeremey Lindsey Avatar
Jeremey Lindsey
They came and got right to work cut down more then we hoped for! Highly recommend price reasonably.
Tracy Teller Avatar
Tracy Teller
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